Letters From The Farm

by Brad

It is really cool to live in the country. I have gotten to learn how to drive really cool equipment growing up on a farm. I also raise animals to show at the Stanislaus County Fair and for food. One of my favorite things to do is ride my bike through the 40 acre walnut orchard.

On the farm I have learned how to drive a John Deere Gator. I use that for cleaning up the yard, irrigating, and checking on the orchards. I have also learned how to drive a tractor. Irrigating at night is really cool too. Sometimes you think you see or hear something but it is actually nothing. Sometimes you see the red light on the water pump and think it is an animal or something.

I raise pigs that I show at the Stanislaus County Fair. Pigs are a lot of fun. They are a lot like dogs. When you scratch them on their belly they roll over. When they run around they bark like a dog. Raising animals also helped me be more responsible. A few times a day I have to check my chicken’s, pig’s, and dog’s food and water, especially in hot weather. I also clean their pens.

I have to walk my dog and pigs. Lastly I have to collect the eggs from the chickens. My dad makes the best scrambled eggs I have ever had.

In conclusion, I really enjoy living and growing up on a farm.

– Jaden Wenger

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