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New Poll Shows Americans favor Ag as priority for water allocation

New Poll Shows Americans favor Ag as priority for water allocation
“When asked to rate the importance of competing needs when water is scarce, 74 percent said agriculture should be a top or high priority, followed by residential needs (66 percent), wildlife and ecosystems (54 percent) and business and industry (42 percent). To Cheryl Hendricks in parched California, it’s simple: To put food on the table “we rely on agriculture.”Read More…


Paul Wenger: Drought has unprecedented effects on agriculture and our community

Paul Wenger: Drought has unprecedented effects on agriculture and our community
Paul Wenger nails it in his Opinion Column in The Modesto Bee : “…there was significantly less water in Don Pedro in 1993 after five years of drought than in 2015 after four dry years, yet farmers were allotted more water for crops. Environmental restrictions and regulations have confounded our ability to use the water we have stored. Governmental agencies have taken water from our reservoir without paying 1 cent for it…” Read More…


Congressman calls for Endangered Species Act protection for farmers

Are Farmers An Endangered Species?
Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., on Tuesday offered a novel response to the glut of environmental regulations that have hit the agriculture industry: protect the American farmer under the Endangered Species Act. Read More…


State Water Control Board Fails To Listen To The Central Valley Community

State Water Control Board Fails Central Valley Community
Chair of the Stanislaus Regional Surface Water Authority calls out the State Water Resources Control Board in Sacramento for “failing to engage our community in the discussion of the destructive nature of their recommendations as well as failing to listen learn and modify their unreasonable and extreme report”. READ THE LETTER HERE


California Agriculture: It’s Worth The Water

Worth The Water
Los Angeles Times sets the record straight on the Value of California Agriculture and the pundits deceptive use of water consumption figures verses contributions to the state’s economy and gross domestic product. Read more…


Your Voice Is Needed on Monday April 27th

We Need Your Voice!
Thank You Assemblyman Adam Gray for standing up for us. You’re encouraged to testify on behalf of AB1242 by Assemblyman Adam Gray (D-Merced) in the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources at 1:30PM in the State Capitol, Room 447. Read more…


Get ready for the “New Atkins Diet” as California Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins kills important Water Bill for Food Production.

 Toni Atkins Knocks Down Water Bill
Modesto Bee writes: Former San Diego Mayor and current California Assembly Speaker, Toni Atkins, “Slaps the faces of virtually everyone in the Northern San Joaquin Valley region”. Atkins killed AB 1242 that was to require the state to recognize the importance of river water to maintaining our aquifers. Atkins made a political maenuver by removing the bill’s author, Assemblymen Adam Gray, and Sebastian Ridley­ Thomas, D-­Los Angeles off the Assembly water board because they voted for the bill. Read the Modesto Bee Article here and see how vindictive Toni Atkins can be when you don’t vote her way.


A Farmer Without Water

 A Farmer Without Water
With his well nearly dry, a farmer draws on his resolve. Other groves in this eastern part of the San Joaquin Valley at the foot of the Sierra Nevada were dying because the owners could make more money selling their water to irrigation districts than farming their land. Water — bought and sold — flowed in concrete canals, but rivers were dry. Read More…..


Why Almonds Aren’t The Water Enemy

 Why Almonds Aren't The Water Enemy
We’re the bad guys again. Article after article in newspapers, magazines and online put nut growers in a bad light related to the drought. The whole equation seems to be reduced to a single number wielded by our critics: It takes one gallon of water to grow one nut. Boy, that sounds wasteful. It’s a figure designed to outrage, and it does the trick. Read More…..


California’s Almond Czar Seems Like A Reasonable Guy

  California's Almond Czar Seems Like A Reasonable Guy
“I can’t tell you why we became the poster child for the drought that we’ve been for the last few months,” Waycott says. But he has an idea. Waycott thinks it was a killer little statistic: It takes one gallon of water to grow a single almond. Like the nuts to which it refers, that datum was easily digestible, and like the delicious butter that one can make from those nuts, it was sticky. Plus, California grows a lot of almonds—82 percent of the world’s consumption by Waycott’s count. “The size of the statewide crop played a big role,” he says. Read More…..


Adam Gray’s Water Bill Passes First Crucial Test

Our View: Adam Gray's Water Bill Passes First Crucial Test
Assemblyman Adam Gray is trying to give us a tiny bit of wiggle room. His Assembly Bill 1242 passed its first committee vote Tuesday, 8-4 – the barest of margins. Next, it goes to the Natural Resources Committee, where it faces another tough battle. To understand the importance of this tiny step, consider two things that happened last year. Read More…..