Julie Hollars of Farbotnik Farm in Vallecito, California tells the story of how her grandparents started a small venture of canning pickled wax peppers under the brand name Vallecito.

Julie Hollars’ grandparents’ canning business took off and was producing over 35,000 jars of pickled wax peppers every season. It wasn’t long before the Vallecito brand of wax peppers became famous everywhere. But then with a new FDA rule and regulation the canning of the wax peppers became cost prohibitive without significantly raising prices to customers. Today the cannery is gone but Farbotnik Farm still grows the Vallecito Wax Peppers and holds a trademark on the product.


Pick a Peck of Vallecito Wax Pickled Peppers

Customers can still buy the Vallecito Wax Peppers and with their purchase can get a copy of the once secret family recipe on how to pickle these Wax Peppers the Vallecito way. WATCH THE VIDEO for the rest of the Story of the Pickled Vallecito Waxed Peppers as told by Navy Veteran and Farmer, Julie Hollars.


Julie Hollars tells how this machine that was used in pickling the waxed peppers.


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