The Ag Industry has always been a creative industry from the development of the “baby carrot” which boosted carrot consumption to “Broccolini” developed in Salinas, California and “bagged salad kits” having Americans eating more greens.

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In 2009 the dairy industry was having a rough time with dairies losing a lot of money. Rick Nutcher was looking for ways to diversify his family dairy and considered cheese, ice cream and yogurt. He researched it and traveled around looking for what would work best for his dairy business. He found while in Pennsylvania and Missouri finding local dairymen doing their own thing producing farmstead products.


So Rick Nutcher got creative and decided go for old-fashioned glass bottles to sell his milk. He then developed flavored milks, chocolate, cotton candy, root beer float, strawberry, orange cream and other. He wanted to make it and interesting for kids.



Rick’s philosophy is that is all about high quality and flavor. He achieves that by controlling the milk with cow comfort, nutritionally balanced feed for the cows and having his bottling plant on the dairy for the freshest milk going from cow to bottle without having to be trucked to a facility hours away.


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