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Here is the story of a Dairy Family and how the involvement of 4-H in the upbringing of their children helped each child build a foundation for a life plan. Watch Video.

Their youngest daughter, Gabriella, was a delegate to the National 4-H Conference and was selected to testify before Congress on “The Future of Agriculture”. She told the sub-committee that she “…has learned the importance of informing people about agriculture while they are young, so as to cultivate early understanding and support, bridging the gap between consumers and producers.”

Gabriella Testifying Before CongressHouse Ag Committee Chairman, Mike Conaway commented, “We have to tell our story over and over and over again to finally break through.” There is a disconnect between Urban Consumers who need to understand Agriculture, and where their food comes from and how we in the US enjoy an abundance of food at low prices thanks to the men and women in Agriculture.

4-H has helps build leadership skills. The Germann’s oldest daughter, Dominique, was a round table facilitator and helped lead 16 youths from across the nation on the topic of water conservation.

And their son, Patrick, became a 4-H leader after “aging out” as a 4-H member and became a Public Speaking leader which surprised his father, Andy Germann, who never thought that was his thing.

Jackie Germann was a 4-H child and when she brought her children into 4-H she thought it would be good to show animals but found out that 4-H was much more than just showing animals.  She thinks that all the things that 4-H has helped their family to do is fabulous.

“Local, Regional, State, and National (4-H) Activities; we’ve been involved.”

– Andy Germann, of the Germann Brothers Dairy

“It’s been said that we live in the land of plenty. There is a lot of truth to that. But how many people really realize that the reason for this land of plenty are the ranchers, farmers and dairy men and women. They are the lifeblood of our food source and without them we have nothing.”

– Joey Gonsalves, AgStories